About Avery’s Body by Design

Core Belief

In the transformation of the body, there cannot help but be a transformation on the mind and spirit.  This impacts every aspect of athlete’s interactions from social to self.  Healthy bodies create healthy minds and communities.

Mission Statement

To motivate, guide, inspire and educate clients in attaining their best possible physique in the shortest possible timeframe with a focus on safe execution and proper technique.  Our goal is your success.

Company Goal

Our goal is give you results-oriented, intensive, body- sculpting fitness training and nutrition.  Our personalized fitness programs are based on scientific principles of body mechanics.  This approach focuses on creating a symmetrical and balanced physique – the goal of any athlete from beginner to competitive.  We believe that every person has an inner athlete, and that intensity, consistency and discipline drive this person to excel.  Everyone is not only capable of improving their fitness, but excelling and THRIVEing!