Team Avery Services


1 on 1 Personal Training

Supervised, Individualized client-goal oriented programming and training sessions at our home studio or YMCA

Group/Team Training

Semi-private, supervised fitness training for groups of two or more. For groups with similar health goals and status.

Kettlebell Training

It’s all about the results! Improve flexibility and endurance and strengthen your entire kinetic chain. All with a piece of equipment smaller than a bowling ball!
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TRX Training

Total Resistance Exercise (TRX). Counter balance suspension resistance training. An intense workout that challenges your body from head to toe.

TRX Kettlebell Fusion

Not for the faint of heart! Combination TRX/Kettlebell fusion pushes you to maximum intensity for maximum results!

Post Rehab and Medical Exercise

Training that develops safe and effect programs for clients with musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurological or metabolic disorders. ANYONE can have improved health!

Sport-Specific Training

Exercise programs designed to enhance performance and recovery. A great combination with our Sports Nutrition Package!

Corporate Training

Brings the benefits of a healthy workforce to your business. Improved productivity, higher staff retention and less sick days are just a few of the advantages of this progressive management approach!

Gym Set Up & Design Consulting Services

Client need and space oriented, designs are recommended for best possible utilization and maximum efficiency and results.


Customized Sports Nutrition Plans

Ignoring this often-neglected, critical component of sports conditioning can have catastrophic effects on training and performance. These personalized plans are customized regularly to optimize you performance, training and recovery.

Customized “Lifestyle” Nutrition Plans

Learn how to eat for optimum health for life! These plans give you a solid, basic understanding for nutrition. Demystify the myths and grasp the simple truth of improved health to take charge of your life!

Nutrition Counseling

Individual or Group, appointment-only, sessions to keep you motivated and accountable.

Grocery Shopping Consultation

A guided, one-time, assisted grocery shopping trip to your favorite store. Advice on small changes that can have a huge impact on your family’s health. Includes education on deciphering food labels and healthy ingredient substitution.

Nutrition Education

In private studio, or home visit. Includes a thorough analysis of your current diet, lifestyle and food selection. YES, I will go through your cupboards!

Competitive Athletes:

Competition Coaching

Intensive 10 -12 week, bi-weekly instruction course for competitive natural bodybuilder, figure, fitness and model competitors. Includes posing on-stage, outfit selection, makeup and hair advice, tanning tips, what the judges are looking for, and overall stage presence, confidence and professionalism. A MUST for competitive athletes!

Routine Choreography

Personalized, appointment-only, sessions for choreography of your required routine for bodybuilding, figure and fitness categories. Truly befitting your personality and style, routines are created designed as collaboration between the client and choreographer, based on their unique abilities and strengths.

Posing Instruction

Exhibiting your physique on-stage is an art form! Angles, lighting and facial expression are key. Understanding all of these elements is critical to your stage success. Even the best physique can be undermined by poor posing techniques!

Individualized, Monitored, Nutrition Packages (for phases of Competition)

The needs of competitive athletes change throughout the competitive season. Monitored and modified nutritional packages are essential to meet the high demands of intense training. These packages include, pre-competition, (and modifications), carbohydrate loading and depleting cycles, competition day guidelines as well as post-competition plans.

*Services provided at YMCA Cobourg and Private Studio

Availablity may be limited due to space or season.