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Dave Avery
Dave AveryPersonal Trainer and Owner
• Canfitpro (PTS)since 2001
• 3 Time Trainer-of-the-Year 2009, 2010, 2017
• Canfitpro Fitness Professional-of-the-Year top finalist 2011 & 13
• Post-Rehab and Medical Exercise Specialist – AAHFRP
• Level 2 Kettlebell Trainer Specialist – Kettlebell Academy
• (FST)Level 3 Fascial Stretch Therapy Provider
• Myofascial Taping Practitioner – Rocktape
• UFE Pro Bodybuilder and UFE Pro Fitness Model.
• UFE Event Producer/Promoter and UFE Judge
Julie Avery
Julie AveryNutrition Coach and Owner
• Level 2 Precision Nutrition Coach
• UFE Promoter/Producer UFE Revolution
• Competition Choreographer
• Competition Coach
• Trainer-of-the-Year 2017


Resistance Training

Our goal is to elevate your overall fitness, gain strength, drop body fat, increase lean muscle, or simply move better, our personal training program is the fastest way to get there. 

Fitness Training Kettlebells

Kettlebell Training

It’s all about results! Improve flexibility and endurance and strengthen your entire kinetic chain. All with a piece of equipment no bigger than a bowling ball.

Fitness Training for Competition

Competition Training

An instruction course for natural bodybuilder, figure, fitness, and model competitors. Includes posing, outfit selection, makeup and hair advice, tanning tips, what the judges are looking for, and overall stage presence, confidence, and professionalism.

Fitness Training TRX


Counterbalance suspension resistance training. An intense workout that challenges your body from head to toe. There are multiple levels that can accommodate any client or athlete from beginner to elite.

Fitness Training Nutrition Coach

Nutrition Coach

Learn how to eat for optimum health for life! These plans give you a solid, basic understanding of nutrition. Demystify the myths and grasp the simple truth of improved health to take charge of your life!

Our Online Training App Lets You Train Online
and Track Your Progress

Fitness Training Dave and Julie Avery

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    “I can’t say enough about what a great experience it was competing in UFE Revolution. The team atmosphere, with all the encouragement and support from new and existing members, made the months of prepping enjoyable. Dave and Julie were always there to answer any questions I had about my work-out plan or my meal plan. They are both so knowledgeable in each of their areas,  Dave with his work-outs and Julie with her nutrition. With following their plans I was able to achieve two first-place finishes and a third-place finish.
    – Sandra Coe

    “I have always been active and competitive thought I knew a bit about eating right. Boy was I wrong. The first thing they told me was I wasn’t eating enough or the right foods to get my body to work with my workouts. So I followed their meal plan and my weights in the gym started to go up, my body weight started to go down and my body as a whole felt a lot better. Over the course of 6 months, I hit my predicted stage weight of 154.5 lbs, down 42 lbs. Without the support of Team Avery there is no way I would have been able to accomplish this. I love the food, love the results, and love the support.”
    – Chad Eddy

    “The App was the first step to my new beginning, Dave was able to send me the workouts I needed to do, and by recording what I had done weight-wise and time-wise we were able to see the progress I was making which let him adjust my routines for optimal strength.”
    – Tanya McBride

    “I have been training with Dave for 14 years. I did not know how to use weights and machines properly and certainly had no plan or program. Dave soon fixed that. I am now 79 and have grown, with his help, my physique, my overall health, and stamina. With his encouragement, I made a lifestyle change. I  compete in bodybuilding competitions, winning many awards and qualified with CANFITPRO as a Personal Trainer.”
    – Alec Dewdney

    You can do it!

    Flexible fitness programs to suit all levels of participants — male, female, novice to pro.



    Ken Stevenson
    Ken StevensonPersonal Trainer
    Certified YMCA
    Certified Rip Trainer
    Has competed and won many bodybuilding championships with OPA, FAME & UFE
    Ken was Mr. Ottawa 1999
    Lifetime Cobourg, citizen
    Father of 4, Grandfather of 7.
    Enjoys the gym atmosphere and helping others attain their goals.
    Team Avery Affiliate Athlete and Coach since 2007
    Alec Dewdney
    Alec DewdneyPersonal Trainer
    A mature trainer with 20 years of personal conditioning experience.
    Certified by CAN-FIT-PRO as a Personal Training Specialist
    Certified Resist-A-Ball Core level 1 trainer
    A trainer who has successfully transformed his own health, strength and physique and knows how you can too.
    Daena Barrie
    Daena BarriePersonal Trainer
    Personal Training Specialist, CanfitPro since 2016
    Level 1 Nutrition Coach, Precision Nutrition
    Body Transformation Specialist, DTS Education
    Reiki Level 2
    Personal trainer at Anytime Fitness in Cobourg, ON
    Natisha Taylor
    Natisha TaylorPersonal Trainer
    • Canfit certified fitness instructor specialist
    • Wellness manager at Community Care Northumberland
    • Natural Women’s Physique and Fitness Competitor.
    • Multiple medals accomplished over the years in Fame, INBA and UFE
    • 2011 Top female Athlete Award
    • Training available at Campbellford District Racquet and Curling Club